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Squirrels aiming to foil Boss Hog’s plans June 1, 2010

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The Blind Squirrels return to the ice tonight seemingly with its toughest test of the season ahead of them. Tonight at 8 on Sheet 3, Schuylkill County’s curlers face Boss Hog-Line, a big winner in its only draw of the season.

The Squirrels haven’t been on the ice at Coal Street Park in Wilkes-Barre for more than 10 days when they did all they could to force a tie against Stone Cold, 4-4. In its first and only draw, Boss Hog-Line defeated Team XVI, 12-0.

A win for the Squirrels tonight would separate them from the rest of the Buckwheat Division. Last week, while the team was burrowed away at home, its division rivals were busy in inter-conference matchups. MLC lost, Stone Cold won, and Team RAMROD forced a tie. That all ended in a three-way tie for first, and MLC just a tie behind the pack.

This week has the Squirrels in action and the rest of the division idle. A win from the Squirrels sets the team apart from the rest of the division by at least a game one-third of the way through the season.

Scouting the Opponent: Because Boss Hog-Line has only played one game, it’s tough to get a read on the team. Certainly its 12-0 win in that only draw is enough to get anyone’s attention, but the league has already seen some bipolar scoring from week-to-week. In that game, BHL defeated Team XVI, which avenged that loss last week in an 8-3 win over Schoolhouse Rocks! Goody’s lost by just one point last week after getting dropped 11-1 by Whippersnappers a week before that. Whippersnappers followed its 11-1 win over Goody’s with a tie against Team RAMROD.

Keys to the Draw: The Squirrels need to maintain composure, and should expect BHL to make good shots throughout the draw. In its last match, the Squirrels erased a three-point deficit and earned a tie. If the team can avoid sloppy play, and each team member makes at least one good shot per end, the Squirrels will avoid giving BHL any big scoring opportunities.

Also during that draw, the Squirrels accomplished their goal of keeping rocks in play, but left too many in the guard zone, not the house. If the team can extend those shots just a few feet, those big scoring opportunities will be theirs.



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